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PULSAIR Oxygen Generators by EUROSIDER®

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PULSAIR Oxygen Generators.

separate oxygen from compressed air using the PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) process. Through a molecular sieve (synthetic zeolite filter), the PSA process adsorbs nitrogen into the air at high pressure and then releases it at a lower pressure. PULSAIR generators use two pressure vessels (adsorbers) containing molecular sieves that adsorb nitrogen. This allows the remaining oxygen to flow through the adsorber and then exit in the form of product gas stored in a special oxygen tank. The oxygen can be sent directly to the utility.

Pure Oxygen 99.9% production

The inlet air should be pretreated with special cohelialescent filters. With a proper maintenance cycle, Pulsair’s warranty has unlimited durability on its molecular sieves. With an oxygen production range from 0.6 to 100nm3/h, Eurosider offers a wide range of PSA oxygen generators for any application and with very low compressed air consumption. In addition, with PULSAIR Oxygen Filling Plants oxygen cylinders can be filled, either for own use or for third-party supplies, or connected directly to the distribution network of the hospitals. These plants are fully automatic and provide 99.9% pure oxygen.

Fields of application oxygen generators and nitrogen generators

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