Polifluid improves white goods coating quality at Girardini, Northern Italy

Girardini S.r.l. is an Italian company that designs and produces moulds for cold rolling metal sheets manufacturing, and coats and assembles components for “ white goods ” OEMs as Smeg, Whirpool, Electrolux. It was founded in ’50s, and today it operates from various locations, including a subsidiary in Poland. Girardini is not limited to achieving growth at any expense: various certificates witness its attention to the quality of work and environment.

Michele Gianordoli, Operation Manger, Girardini S.r.l.

Girardini learnt about the Polifluid system produced by Eurosider from their customer. “It was a new technology, and I felt curious about it.” – Michele Gianordoli, Operation manager at Girardini, says. – “Our customer was interested in it because of the possibility to improve the yield of the coating process. The tests that followed brought us a number of benefits we could achieve with this new system”.

In March 2016, in collaboration with Mr. Giuseppe Magnanini, Eurosider’s sales agent, a Polifluid 70 was installed on the coating line equipped with Nordson plant in order to make tests. “We were interested primarily in reducing powder coating material consumption and overspray, and from this point of view we had great satisfaction, with higher gloss and smoother parts.”  – Michele Gianordoli explains. – “For a company that always looks for new customers it is clear that higher quality of coating means higher competitive advantage”.

Polifluid has allowed to Girardini to solve some specific problems too. “We have a difficult coating product, that needs high thickness to avoid different colour tonalities.” – Mr. Franco Cerena, Coating Department Manager, explains. – “We are examining these parts with special attention, in terms of color and thickness uniformity, and we have seen that parts coated with Polifluid have excellent appearance, without “fat edge” and “frame” effects.

After two months of use of Polifluid in production, the workers got confident with the new settings. For those who work every day on the coating line less frequent cleaning needed and repeatability of settings with predictable results at a distance of weeks are very important. “We have a worker who is being trained now, and I can see that it is easier for him to work with Polifluid, because it is quicker and more secure in terms of settings” – Franco Cerana comments.

“I can say that we are very happy with Polifluid. On the other hand, if we had doubts, we wouldn’t have invested in it” – Michele Gianordoli concludes.

  • Pressure reduction: about 20%
  • 99% of yield compared to 98% with compressed air
  • Drastic reduction of “frame” effect: Δ 5-6 micron between internal and external part, compared to up to 30 micron with compressed air.