New clear coat by PPG: world premier in duo with Nitrotherm Spray

On the June 3d in  Germany, the very first presentation of the new clear coat by PPG took place. The new coating material was demonstrated together with Nitrotherm Spray equipment by Eurosider, represented on the event by the exclusive distributor for body shop segment in Germany and Netherlands, CRS-i.

The special features of the new three-component clear coat P190-8000 is its simplicity of application due to not many solvents and hardeners used with it. It dries in only 15 minutes at the temperature of the part at 60ºC (140ºF). Sprayed with Nitrotherm, the clear coat demonstrates higher transfer efficiency and quicker flash off, which allows 1,5 or even single coat application.

35 body shops present at the event could assist the process of application of the new PPG clear coat with Nitrotherm Spray and evaluate the benefits with their own eyes.

PPG and Eurosider had done together various tests on use of Nitrotherm Spray equipment in the past, and we hope that this collaboration can continue for companies’ mutual benefit.