Data comparison: nitrogen vs. air for powder coating

After having acquired good reputation as liquid coating equipment manufacturer among businesses at global level, the products of which we use every day, Eurosider has applied its technique principles to powder coating with excellent results. The very first companies to introduce Eurosider innovative technology in their operation were Italian companies. Some of them have been enjoying benefits of nitrogen for powder coating already for some years. One of the pioneers in use of Polifluid, a system patented by Eurosider, is Elleci from Porcia (Pordenone). Today Elleci confirms stable savings of powder coating materials of 20% average, in terms of higher yield of 1 kg of powder per m².

“Verniciatura Industriale” magazine published in October 2015 an article that examines the details of comparison of nitrogen vs. air performance for powder coating, based on the example of this company application. Elleci has more than 100 employees, with a factory of 18 000 m² and produces and coats metallic cabinets and similar products, see the article. Elleci technicians, together with Eurosider’s distributor for the related area, “Impianti per Verniciatura di Cancellier Dino”, were able to verify the advantages achievable with Polifluid for the powder coating. The results of these trials with coating products brands and operating pressures details and higher performance are listed in the article.

After the first Italian companies, a triumphant march of Polifluid started in Italy and other countries, even other continents. Given the great interest for the application of this innovative system that uses fluid carrier enriched in nitrogen for powder coating, that we and our distributors notice, we expect to see Polifluid technology soon become an industry standard for operation optimization in high quality powder coating.

Article published for the first time in  – Verniciatura Industriale n. 570, October 2015, p. 598-611. All rights reserved.