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Oxygen and Nitrogen Generators – Eurosider

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STAR-IN OIL FREE COMPRESSORS is a compressor designed and developed as star version which thanks to the use of an inverter is the most economic in terms of power cost for this type of systems.

 STAR-IN Compressor is OIL FREE and runs with a 6 – star, air cooled cylinder design which allows the system to have perfect balance with no vibrations; it is complete with dryer.

To produce 70 mc/h @ 8 bar this system requires as less as 6.5 kw. An ON/OF traditional compressor using engines to produce the exact same capacity requires 11/15 Kw according to preset pressure.

Application Sectors:

STAR-IN OIL FREE COMPRESSORS STAR-IN OIL FREE COMPRESSORS is ideal for all sectors in which hydrocarbon is forbidden, for example food sector, farmaceutical, packaging, electronics, coating industry etc.

STAR-IN compressor is especially recommended for its use together with oxygen or nitrogen separation systems due to its low power consumption, OIL FREE and environmentally friendly features since it is silent and generates no oil residual.



Marchio Produzione Generatore di ossigeno per di ossigeno 95% - 99.9%

OXYLINE generators were designed and perfected to produce oxygen ON-SITE supplying up to 200 bar directly in line or cylinders. The main characteristic which makes these systems stand out is that they produce oxygen at a concentration varying from 95% up to 99.5% employing highly innovative patented systems with low power supply.

***Power Supply: 7 kW/h

***Optional: 99,9% purity

OXYLINE range is manufactured in five versions for cylinder filling at purities from 95% to 99,9%:
OXYLINE – 4 – 200 16 cylinders in 24h
OXYLINE – 15 – 170 60 cylinders in 24h
OXYLINE – 25 – 200 80 cylinders in 24h
OXYLINE – 50 – 200 160 cylinders in 24h

These versions are assembled on skid or inside 20-feet or 40-feet air conditioned containers.

Nitrosep Oxygen generators range:
Model Oxysep 2 2 Nm3/h
Model Oxysep 4 4 Nm3/h
Model Oxysep 6 6 Nm3/h
Model Oxysep 10 10 Nm3/h
Model Oxysep 20 20 Nm3/h
Model Oxysep 50 50 Nm3/h
Model Oxysep 80 80 Nm3/h
Model Oxysep 100 100 Nm3/h



Concentratore di Ossigeno
concentratore di ossigeno 10 litri al minuto ideale per ossigenoterapia

Characteristics for the Supplier:

    • High outlet pressure for medical applications
    • Optional oxygen sensor
    • Simple maintenance and simple repair
    • Long lasting stability and reliability
    • Double Flow Option Available
    • Double Function Display

Characteristics for the Patient:

• Direct Connection to humidifier
• Resettable Automatic Swit
• Simple Friendly User Interface
• 50-meter long cannula
• Low power supply costs
• Bend Flowmeter to ease reading

Available models:

INTENSITY 5 ► 5 liters per minute
INTENSITY 8 ► 8 liters per minute
INTENSITY 10 ► 10 liters per minute


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