Case study: Nitrotherm in Car Sorace, a body shop that is all about quality

The body shop sector is a special part of coating industry. People, their experience and habits are involved, and therefore it takes time to introduce the “Nitrotherm way” of manual coating. But after this time our customers from collision repair become the greatest supporters of the technology that uses fluid carrier enriched in nitrogen for coating.

In autumn 2015 Nitrotherm system was introduced in Car Sorace, a body shop in Calabria. Founded in 90s, today it became a big and well structured business, that works with collisiong repair, car rental services etc.  Roberto Sorace, the owner of the company, is continuosly searching for the ways to offer the most useful services to a customer, and that is why he is always looking for innovative solutions and advanced technology.

“Our organisation is structured to be able to serve our customer at best in the least time possible and give more quality. That’s why Nitrotherm was a lucky discovery for me. Now I have less problems and less interruptions in operation” – Roberto Sorace summarizes. – “If you manage to coat a bumper in an hour instead of an hour and a half and deliver the job with zero touch-ups needed, it means lower cost of labor per job”.

The owner of Car Sorace has been observing the development of Nitrotherm systems for some years already. Finally in October 2015 Eurosider tested the equipment in Car Sorace, and the unit has never left the body shop since then. For about 8 months Car Sorace has been using Nitrotherm J 7 Dual Tube for two manual booths. “I had a feeling that this could give me the quality of finishing that I wanted, and I was right” – Roberto Sorace comments with enthusiasm – “I must say that we improved by 100% what we were doing. If we were already at 100, now we are at 200!”

Already during the tests Car Sorace workers had noticed the improvement of quality and supported owner’s decision to switch to Nitrotherm. After about a year of work the benefits have grown as the workers learnt to know and use at best the “Nitrotherm way” for manual coating. At the moment the working pressure at the gun is set at 1,6 – 1,7 bar, with consequent overspray reduction, orange peel elimination and less dust depositing on the finished parts.

Roberto Sorace underlines the importance of innovation in collision repair sector to obtain competitive advantage and grow the business. “A right approach is necessary and you need to believe in what you are doing. Then it becomes clear what tools add value to your company. Innovative technologies is what makes difference. Everyone can use the same gun and the same paint, and if you don’t put a cherry on top, what distinguishes you from the others?

For Eurosider team an active approval of a body shop like Car Sorace, with their attention to customers and quality, is especially important. We look forward to see Nitrotherm technology become more and more widespread in body shop sector, from which the introduction of the system started 10 years ago and today reached more than a thousand units installed worldwide.