Polifluid: powder coating with nitrogen system

Article published for the first time in ipcm® – International Paint&Coating Magazine n. 38, Vol. VII, March/April 2016, p. 158-162. All rights reserved. www.myipcm.com

For several years, Eurosider has been present on the market of liquid coatings for metal, plastic and wood with its Nitrotherm Spray system, using nitrogen instead of compressed air as the coating carrier.

This eliminates any issue related to an otherwise uncontrollable environmental parameter, i.e. air moisture.

Thanks to its extensive experience with liquid coatings, now Eurosider has also designed a specific system for the thermosetting powder coating process, called Polifluid®. This important technological innovation solves the typical problems related to the use of compressed air for the feeding of powder coatings. In summary, this system optimises the powder coating operations with a new high-density carrier composed of a mixture of gases contained in the compressed air, modifying their molecular percentages and eliminating all the harmful elements for an optimal application at a constant temperature. It concentrates the nitrogen in the compressed air through the principle of selective permeation and uses it as the pushing fluid in all the powder application stages.