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Polifluid: nitrogen replaces compressed air for powder coating in Giorgetti, Tuscany

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Powder coating with nitrogen that replaces compressed air thanks to Polifluid by Eurosider at Giorgietti Mauro company, which has worked in the coating industry for more than 100 years, always looking for a cutting edge tecnologies.

“We are sure that the success in coating business is proportional to innovation – say Luigi Giorgetti and Paolo Zasa – and to the ability to find before the others technologies that are winning both from quality and budget point of view, to reduce production costs. These are the targets that we constantly chase, in case of powder coating, with the help of Eurosider, which gives us assistance with this innovative technology.

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Article published for the first time in Verniciatura Industriale n. 583, XIIX, November 2016, pp. 714-721. All rights reserved.