Spray painting, Powder Coating. Paint with nitrogen. Mission

EUROSIDER® has adopted the “deontological mandatory” policy as suggested by its founder Mr. Ottavio Milli, and applied it to the company’s everyday activities, that is: Respect and Trust, Conscientiousness, Transparency, Honesty and constructive Collaboration.

These principles have been put in to practice by EUROSIDER® by listening to the needs and demands of their Clients, by the personalization of our service, flexibility, versatility and the reaching of the objectives set, all things which have allowed us to give better quality and added value to our products and that have allowed the company to be identified and known internationally, today and in the future, as a firm point of reference offering flexible solutions in the field of gas generators.

Our constructive Collaboration Policy towards the Clients means helping in the choice of the best product for their needs.  But it also means team spirit and a strong feeling of belonging that allows and facilitates a face to face relationship to those who ask for advice and for our products.

The company also accepts challenges, sustains the end user of our products in all phases,  advising them, helping them, and accompanying them “personally” in all the phases related to the choice of their purchase.

We are also flexible, elastic and quick to activate, propose and invent solutions ad hoc, changing and modifying them, even while in the progress of work, to the changing demands and priorities.

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