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PULSAIR® PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) OXYGEN GENERATORS

Air contains 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 1% argon other elements.

The PULSAIR® separates this small percentage of oxygen from the compressed air using the procedure of PSA(Press Swing Adsorption). Through two extruded interconnected aluminium towers, containing molecular sieves (synthetic zeolite filters) the PSA procedure of the PULSAIR® generators adsorb the nitrogen from the air at high pressure to then release it at a lesser pressure. This allows the remaining oxygen to go beyond the adsorbent and therefore go, in the form of an accumulated produced gas, into a special cylinder or to be directly used. Before an adsorbent is saturated in nitrogen, the flow of the air passes to the second adsorbent. The first adsorbent is regenerated disadsorbing the nitrogen through oxygen depressurization. Under normal working conditions the molecular sieve has an almost unlimited duration.

The inlet air has to be pre treated with special coalescence filters. With correct maintenance the molecular sieves of PULSAIR® have a guarantee of 5 years. With a range of oxygen production from 0.6 to 1000 Nm3/hs, EUROSIDER® offers a vast range of PSA oxygen generators for any application and with a low consumption of compressed air. Apart from the PULSAIR® Oxygen Filling Plants, oxygen cylinders can be filled, both for own use or for supplying others.

EUROSIDER® supplies plants complete with air compressors, driers, oxygen generators, system to control the quality of the gas produced, oxygen compressor (outlet pressure min 150 – max 220 bar) and ramp for cylinders.

These plants are completely automatic and produce oxygen to a purity of 95 – 96%, but for specific applications a particular device can be applied to obtain purities up to 99,5%.

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