Privacy policy



1) The holding of personal data means to gather, record, organize, conserve, elaborate, modify, selection, extract, compare, use, interconnect, block, communicate, diffuse, cancel and destroy where there is the combination of two or more of such operations.

2) Such data will be handled by personnel of EUROSIDER SAS for:

a) Anything to do with the sole activity of EUROSIDER SAS and the management of the relationships generally, like those with the clientele, with the suppliers, with end users of the commercialized products: that is, for instance, acquisition of preliminary information to the conclusion of a contract, execution of a service or one or more agreed contractually operations, management of systems of payment or collection of payment, recovery of credit or the goods, containment of the risks, rendering of services accessories, etc.

b) Anything connected to the obligations foreseen by law, by regulations, by community legislation and dispositions imparted by authority legitimated by the law.

c) Anything to do with the activity of EUROSIDER SAS: like customer care, directly or indirectly, the survey of clientele satisfaction of quality of services; promotion and sales and/or services of third parties, through letters, telephone, dispatch of advertising material, activity of market research and elaboration of statistics, etc.

3) The holding of personal data can be used by any manual, computer or telematic means with a logic strictly connected to the aforesaid uses and however to guarantee the safety and the reservation of the data.

4) The conferment of personal data for the working use of EUROSIDER SAS is optional: customer care, promotion and sales and/or services of third party firms, market research and elaboration of statistics, an eventual refusal of personal data conferment does not jeopardize the improvement of these activities in any way.

5) The person of whom the data refers to has the right granted to him by law and particularly in every moment:

• to ask for the confirmation of the existence or not of the personal data that concerns him, even if not yet recorded and the communication in an intelligible form of the same data and their origin, as well as the reason for which it is used;

• to ask the for the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form or the blockage of the data held in violation of law, including that which is not necessary in relationship to the purposes for which the data was gathered and held;

• to ask for the updating, the rectification or, if needed, the integration of the data;

• to oppose, to everything or partly, for lawful reasons to holding of personal data that concerns him, for the sending of commercial information or advertising material or direct sale or for market research or interactive commercial communications, being able to use such right in an entirely free way.

For any information or requests, please contact the person responsible of the Legal Service, person responsible of the holding of data, c/o Legal Registered office of Grosseto (Italy)


The consent to the holding of personal data for the functional activities of EUROSIDER SAS, such as customer care, of operational and strategic marketing, of market research and statistic elaboration, of promotions and sales and/or services of third party firms, can be conferred inserting the message sent to EUROSIDER SAS as follows:

“I declare to have taken vision of the informative present in the internet site of EUROSIDER SAS and I authorize the latter to hold my personal data in the ways and for the activities mentioned in the informative”.

You are informed that according to the laws in act on the subject of privacy, the personal data supplied or otherwise acquired by EUROSIDER SAS within its own activity can be held in respect of the above mentioned legislation.

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