Plastic paint – Industrial painting


Plastic paint – Industrial painting

Nowadays a great variety of objects is made of plastic: cell-phones, household electrical appliances, auto components, furniture, objects of everyday use, even aircrafts. Most part of these things requests coating, while chemical and physical characteristics of plastic itself tend to make it quite a complicated process.

Surface tension and electrostatic charge influence coating material’s behaviour, especially that of primer, causing sagging and rebounding paint. Use of heated nitrogen as a fluid carrier allows to control sprayed paint temperature, obtaining and maintaining ideal viscosity for a quick grip on the substrate with no sagging.

Ionization of fluid carrier is very helpful too, because the right fluid charge, opposite to the substrate’s own electrostatic charge, increases significantly transfer efficiency, while painted substrate comes out with neutral electrostatic charge, which helps to avoid electrostatic attraction of dust particles from environment to wet surface in the phase of curing.

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