Nitrogen and Oxygen on site generators | Eurosider

Since 1973 EUROSIDER® has built a global reputation in the field of non-cryogenic industrial gas. The Company designs, builds and markets specialist equipment for on site production of Nitrogen and Oxygen.

EUROSIDER®’s gas generators separate the components of compressed air using hollow fiber Membranes or PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) Technology. Gas purity levels can be either preset or adjustable by the end user.

EUROSIDER® is able to completely satisfy all requests and requirements of the market and to develop new technologies and customized solutions for any situation.A significant part of our resources is employed in Research & Development in order to maintain our position at the forefront of gas separation advanced technology and to offer quality and innovation in all our products and services.

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The company works with directed agents and distributors in Italy and in the world, periodically participating in the principal trade fairs of the sector (Achema, Automechanika, Autopromotec, Nace, Simei, Paint Expo).

In our factory in Grosseto, Southern Tuscany, we design and assemble high technology industrial gas generators, distributed worldwide. High performance and maximum reliability are two winning principles of EUROSIDER®.

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