Eurosider’s system NITROTHERM®-SPRAY received the award of the most innovative Product in the Repair & Maintenance category of the tradeshow Automechanika 2018, Frankfurt, Germany

Best product for painting with Nitrogen

Best product for painting with Nitrogen

NITROTHERM®-SPRAY, one of Eurosider’s patented systems, received the Innovation Award for the most inventive product in the Repairs & Maintenance sector of Automechanika 2018 trade show, Frankfurt Germany.
NITROTHERM®-SPRAY is in fact a ground-breaking revolution in the panorama of painting products.

NITROTHERM®-SPRAY operates by concentrating nitrogen from compressed air and using it as a carrier fluid during all application phases of paint products.
The numerous advantages guaranteed by using nitrogen are strengthened by the control of fluid temperature and negative or positive ionization option. Nitrogen is inert and anhydrous and NITROTHERM®-SPRAY with its controlled carrier fluid maintains moisture and temperature values constant: two uncontrollable variables so far. The application does not undergo condition changes during the day or any other climatic change.

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